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5 reasons why embedded finance should be on your radar

Embedded finance, or Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is one of the fastest growing areas in financial services. According to ...

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Reaping the rewards of our efforts

Just months after the investment by inWebo Group was announced, it is already paying off for TrustBuilder. Accelerated ...

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How cybersecurity can fuel Europe’s ambition to become an independent digital leader

I’ve always believed in globalization. However, three years ago, I read in The Economist a cover article on ...

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A day in the life of a TrustBuilder marketer

If you are a TrustBuilder customer, prospect or partner, you will have noticed a nice increase in marketing activities ...

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Webinar series on empowering rich customer journeys

Customer experience is the top priority for any organization that is going through a digital transformation. However, ...

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Shifting into a higher gear

Building on the foundations laid out in the last few years, TrustBuilder is accelerating product development, bringing ...

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A day in the life of a TrustBuilder Chief Revenue Officer

From an early age, Jan Van Leuven knew that he wanted to build a career in sales. “My father’s dream for me was to ...

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Signicat and TrustBuilder join forces around digital identity

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) specialist TrustBuilder is including Signicat in its Service Catalog. ...

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Innovative strategies pay off for banks

Traditional banks can boost their revenues by nearly four percent if they rethink their business models and embrace ...

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