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“At the heart of strategic developments”

Mieke Mynsberghe
Apr. 13, 2021

Belgium’s leading business weekly Trends recently published an interview with TrustBuilder CEO Frank Hamerlinck. In the interview, Frank voices TrustBuilder’s ambition to become a key player in the European IAM space.



Frank Hamerlinck

You can download a PDF of the interview here. For non-Dutch speakers, here is a short summary of the interview:

  • TrustBuilder makes building ecosystems easy through a service catalog that offers connections to a host of local identity providers and applications. Having these connections to European identity providers and applications differentiates TrustBuilder from non-European competitors.
  • This puts TrustBuilder at the heart of strategic developments at its customers. As Frank says, “We may be a small cog in the wheel of digital transformation, but we are an important one.”
  • TrustBuilder distinguishes four phases in the digital transformation of the economy, ranging from digitizing products and enhancing user experience, to building digital ecosystems and building new business models on these ecosystems. TrustBuilder supports companies throughout this transformation journey.
  • TrustBuilder offers solutions that allow companies to make authentication both easy and safe to their users. Thanks to its own software, TrustBuilder has a strong footprint in the financial services market, with customers such as KBC, ING, Argenta, DKV and Allianz, but also in other markets, with SD Worx, FedNot, bpost and NMBS.
  • TrustBuilder strengthened its financial basis last year through a capital injection from PMV and is preparing a new funding round later this year. This extra money will power TrustBuilder to further invest in R&D and make the sales and marketing operations match the international demand.

Interested in getting to know TrustBuilder a bit better? Contact us and we will help you accelerate your digital transformation.

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