Kris Van Opstaele becomes Chief Operating Officer at TrustBuilder


Kris Van Opstaele becomes Chief Operating Officer at TrustBuilder

Mieke Mynsberghe
Sep. 17, 2020

TrustBuilder Corporation, a leader in IT security solutions for Identity & Access Management (IAM), has hired Kris Van Opstaele (44) as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Kris has been active in the IT sector for more than 20 years and from that experience will contribute to the growth and professionalization of TrustBuilder.

Kris Van Opstaele

A Belgian growth company, TrustBuilder is one of the trendsetters in IAM with its TrustBuilder Identity Hub. TrustBuilder enables companies to combine strict security with a good user experience. Customers of TrustBuilder include banks (Argenta, ING), insurance companies (Allianz, DKV), service providers (SD Worx), organizations and governments (NMBS, FedNot, Flemish Government).

Kris Van Opstaele started his career as an IT security consultant at Deloitte and Porthus, and in 2007 was co-founder of Centix, an IT services company that offered centrally secured workplaces based on Citrix and VMware technology. When Centix was taken over by Econocom in 2015, he led the Secure Workplace & Cloud productivity department there as Business Unit Manager. Over the past three years he has built a career as an interim manager. As COO, Kris Van Opstaele will be responsible at TrustBuilder for all services (both professional services and managed services) and for the HR policy.

"The trend towards digitization is accelerating, and Corona gave this an extra stimulus," said Kris Van Opstaele.

"As a result, the need for IAM is becoming even more urgent for companies. TrustBuilder's solutions and services, which relieve customers of their IAM challenges, are a real enabler and even accelerator for companies to digitize their business model. At TrustBuilder, I will use all my experience - in which services have always been key - to further develop our professional and managed services".

Frank Hamerlinck, CEO of TrustBuilder says:

"Kris combines deep technical knowledge with entrepreneurship and an outspoken customer focus. These are qualities that come in handy at a growth company like TrustBuilder. IAM is no longer a purely technical matter, but a catalyst for growth, for example in banks that build ecosystems with financial and non-financial services. Those ecosystems must be optimally secured, but the complexity of that security must not detract from the customer's user experience".

Marketing technologist

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