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TrustBuilder and TCC jointly offer seamless IT security in the Gulf region

Mieke Mynsberghe
Apr. 19, 2021

TrustBuilder Corporation, a provider of total solutions for Identity and Access Management (IAM) from Belgium and TCC, a government-owned IT services company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have signed an agreement to jointly develop the IAM market in the Gulf region. TCC will market and resell TrustBuilder’s IAM products to offer its customers seamless security.



TrustBuilder and TCC will develop Gulf Region together

TCC (Technology Control Company) is a leading technology company in Saudi Arabia. The IT services company specializes in the fields of cybersecurity, digital services and big data. Incorporated in 2008, the company has been providing state-of-the-art IT solutions based on leading industry methodologies and frameworks ever since.

Under the terms of the agreement, TCC will market and resell TrustBuilder’s IAM product and implement the software in its customers’ environment. TrustBuilder has provided all the necessary training to both sales and technical personnel to fully support customers in the Gulf region. TCC has already acquired a high level of TrustBuilder know-how by implementing TrustBuilder for its own activities as an Identity Provider in Saudi Arabia. TCC is hiring additional personnel to position TrustBuilder with its customers and prospects in government and the financial sector.

“We're delighted that TCC recognizes the qualities of TrustBuilder in combining frictionless customer experience with best-in-class security,” says Frank Hamerlinck, CEO of TrustBuilder. “Organizations throughout the world are looking for the end-to-end solutions that TrustBuilder offers. The Gulf region is no exception to that. We will give TCC our full support to turn this partnership into a success. This collaboration constitutes a major step in our continued international expansion.”

“It's our mission to meet and exceed our customers’ business expectations by providing innovative and integrated solutions and services,” says Abdullah Aljathlani, VP of development at TCC. “TrustBuilder is a perfect match with our current portfolio of security services. They have a proven track record at big-name customers and keep raising the bar with their innovations. We're looking forward to jointly developing the Gulf region and adjacent markets.”

About TCC

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—Technology Control Company (TCC) provides its clients with a complete consulting expertise. We offer a wide range of products, processes and services—components of an architected solution to support your company’s business objectives and needs.

Website: https://www.tcc-ict.com/en/

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