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TrustBuilder announces TrustBuilder.io Suite

Mieke Mynsberghe
Mar. 16, 2021

With TrustBuilder.io Suite, Identity and Access Management (IAM) specialist TrustBuilder announces a significant extension of its product line. TrustBuilder.io Suite offers organizations a comprehensive IAM solution that allows them to combine the best customer experience with airtight security. TrustBuilder.io Suite contains multi-factor authentication (MFA) for mobile devices, connectivity to a host of Identity Providers and applications, and a powerful orchestration engine. With a state-of-the-art user interface and a quick configuration framework, setting up security policies is now easier than ever before.




“TrustBuilder accelerates the digital transformation of organizations,” says Frank Hamerlinck, CEO of TrustBuilder Corporation. “We deliver an end-to-end solution that secures their customer-facing digital channels while offering a great customer experience. With TrustBuilder.io Suite, we serve as a one-stop-shop. Organizations are tired of acquiring only parts of the puzzle that force them to perform costly implementations and integrations. Our tools work together seamlessly, thus allowing our customers to shorten their time to market and reduce IT cost.”

TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator

One of the new elements in TrustBuilder.io Suite is TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator. This MFA solution caters to the mobile user who wants to get rid of passwords and adds strong authentication for mobile as well as web-based application. Through an SDK, customers can seamlessly integrate TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator into their own applications. This eliminates the use of user-unfriendly options such as One-Time Passwords sent over SMS, or the use of external authenticators.

HR services company SD Worx is one of the users of TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator. SD Worx wanted to increase the use of its mobile app by making access to their digital services more convenient. By integrating TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator into their app and brand, they can now offer their customers seamless access to all the services offered through the app.

Moving to the cloud

With TrustBuiler.io Suite, customers can migrate to the cloud at their own pace. The product offers a catalog of connections to both Identity Providers (IdPs) and applications, hosted in the cloud. “Building these connections in the cloud is the logical option,” said Frank Hamerlinck. “TrustBuilder.io makes it easy for companies to extend their ecosystem of services with new applications from payment providers, mobility providers, etc. At the same time, integrating with IdPs such as Itsme, iDIN, iDEAL or Facebook is just a matter of a few clicks.”

Companies that still have many local applications can make use of TrustBuilder ID Hub to orchestrate access to these local applications. As more applications gradually move to the cloud, they can evolve from a hybrid solution to a full cloud option. This allows organizations to define their own cloud strategy. Thanks to the pay-as-you-use model, organizations don’t need to make upfront investments and can decide on their own pace of adoption.

Developer-friendly user interface

With TrustBuilder.io Suite, TrustBuilder has completely revamped its user interface, making it more intuitive and customer-friendly. When security personnel set up specific security policies, they can use point-and-click functionality to add IdPs or applications. “As a European company, we have a good knowledge of all local Identity Providers,” said Frank Hamerlinck. “In our solution we are providing all these connections out of the box.” This ease of use allows tech-savvy business users to design and implement standard policies without the help of specialized developers. Thanks to this better user experience, security officers will save valuable time in bringing new applications to their customers.

“TrustBuilder.io Suite is a big step forward for our customers and for ourselves,” Frank Hamerlinck concluded. “Adding TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator, a cloud and hybrid cloud deployment method and offering a brand-new user interface will all help our customers to improve their efficiency in expanding their services portfolio and generating new revenue streams.”

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