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TrustBuilder launches TrustBuilder 9.5 with extended functionality for GDPR compliance and microservices

Mieke Mynsberghe
Mar. 30, 2020

TrustBuilder Corporation, a leading IT security solution company for Identity and Access Management (IAM), has released a new version of its flagship application, TrustBuilder Identity Hub – a scalable IAM tool. A great new feature in version 9.5 of TrustBuilder Identity Hub is support for end-users to give or revoke their own consent for sharing personal data towards on-premise applications.

GDPR BlogIn a world where customers have a growing number of digital transactions with all types of organizations, building trust is of the essence. Customers are sharing ever more personal data, allowing companies to personalize their marketing towards these customers. Proper management of this personal information is not only required by regulations such as GDPR, it also presents an opportunity to enterprises to improve their trust relationship with customers. The bigger the trust customers have in a company, the more data they will be willing to share.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub 9.4 already offered support for GDPR: users trying to log on to an application protected by TrustBuilder Identity Hub were invited to have their data recorded and tracked in line with GDPR. Version 9.5 now adds support for end-users to give or revoke their own consent for sharing personal data to all applications, even on-premise web apps.

Another new feature of TrustBuilder Identity Hub consists in the added support for a microservices- based architecture by means of a token exchange. Following the new OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange standard, APIs now only share ‘need-to-know’ information, as opposed to sending all information. Overall security improves, even if one of the APIs is compromised. Adding this support for token exchange enhances the hybrid role of TrustBuilder to protect web applications, APIs as well as the supporting microservice architecture.

"User consent management is increasingly becoming a standard selection criterium when European organizations choose an IAM solution,” comments Frank Hamerlinck, Chief Executive Officer of TrustBuilder Corporation.

“As an international provider of IAM we attach a great deal of importance to establishing and maintaining trust between consumers and organizations’ applications and are investing in a future proof and scalable solution for our customers. Embracing a services-based architecture is vital in managing access of users to advanced and innovative applications.”

“IT departments stand to gain significantly thanks to our approach,” says Alain Fichot, Chief Operating Officer at TrustBuilder Corporation. “Our solution provides the ability to offload most of the GDPR consent management and enforcement logic from applications to the TrustBuilder Identity Hub. This central management constitutes a considerable cost reduction for the IT department. The more customer-facing applications a company has in use, the bigger the cost reduction. What’s more, allowing customers to manage their profile and privacy settings themselves, also reduces support cost.”

A full version of the release notes is available here.


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